Restaurant Reviews for Zomato
Restaurant Reviews for Zomato
Had a long day, so tired to cook, Zomato to the rescue. But wait, what to order and from where? Don’t worry here we are to help with that. Mentioned here are some great places to dine in or to order food from to satisfy that hungry stomach. 
1. Underground Café and Lounge – It is situated in the heart of the city, Hazratganj, Lucknow and can be easily looked @undergroundcafenloungelucknow. It is based on London theme and is open 24*7 with live kitchen, multi cuisine, hookah, music and drinks.
Name – Underground Café and Lounge.
Location – Hazratganj, Lucknow.
Review :-
  • Green Smoothie Bowl – Starting the day with a healthy meal is great. The smoothie bowl served here is one of the best mixtures of healthy and delicious food. It consist of kiwi, strawberries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, frozen yogurt, avacado and blue berries. It is a complete morning treat that can calm down our fruity, creamy, healthy meal thirst.
  • Cloud Eggs – This is a cloud 9 dish. The softness and crispiness together in one bite with the perfect flavor with tomatoes and pepper can make you go wow. The best part is that it can be ordered anytime, so don’t worry about time cause clouds are up all day and night. 
2. Wise Choice – The name is well justified by the taste of the place. It’s a newly opened restaurant in Gomti Nagar, Lucknow that has an open air area, fine dine area and separate hookah area. This is one of the complete package places with elegant look. 
Name – Wise Choice
Location – Gomti Nagar, Lucknow.
Review :-
  • Paneer Chandni – It is one of the main course dishes that is just mesmerizing. The innovative look and taste can make anyone fall for it. It consist of fresh cottage cheese rapped in dry fruits and khoya paste in cashew nut gravy. And the chandni look given to it is the royal touch to the dish. 
  • Mushroom Galawat Kabab – It was a melting bit that was waiting to get into the mouth and melt. The taste of mushroom was well presented with the spices to flavor and the crispy crust. The crisp nature was on the surface and the blast of flavor was inside. It is a great choice for light and delicious starter and Kabab being a forever favorite of Lucknowites is always loved. 
3. Molecule – A place full of Innovations is open in Lucknow. It gives a smoky touch to dishes like popcorn, puchka, drinks etc. The levels of innovation are well indicated even by the menu card, which is in accordance to a vintage style newspaper. 
Name – Molecule.
Location – Gomti Nagar, Lucknow
Review :-
  • Dip your Pizz – It is a great starter for light and cheesy beginning. The pizza is served is in the form of small crispy rolls along with a cheese bowl to dip it in. The rolls are full of toppings as stuffing and the taste is well matched with crispy crust and cheese dip. It is like the best solution to all the cheese lovers who wish to have lots of cheese over their pizza. 
  • Chola Bhatura (inside out) – The classic Chola Bhatura is now moved to next level. Innovative representation of the dish in the form of tacos with chola inside and bhatura outside with great garnishing is surprising and pleasing. In the beginning it was presented in form of balls too. This is a mixture of Indian taste and Mexican look that for sure satisfies to the next level. 
4. Desi Meals – The problem of ordering combo meals with some unwanted additions is totally gone with the magic of Desi Meals. It provides customizable meals and combos where every dish in the combo can be changed or replaced and also the quantity.
Name – Desi Meals.
Location – Gomti Nagar, Lucknow
Review :- 
  •  Palak Paneer meal – The list of meals and combos present is a treat itself. One of those meals is Palak Paneer meal. It consist of palak paneer with rice or chole paratha or dal makhani with dessert of your own choice. And its completely pocket friendly. The taste is of home made food with proper spices and look. Every bite is like a combo of flavors. 
  •  Mushroom and Corn Meal – This is a treasure among the meals. The complete meal includes sautéed mushrooms and corn in a mouth watering rich masala curry along with the options of dal makhani or chole, rice or parathe and dessert. When tried with rice it gives a feel of biryani with spices that can lead to overeating because no one would like to stop. The magic of this meal lies in how well all flavors and ingredients are matched together and the taste of each is well felt. 
5. Get Desserted – This place is for all the sweet and cold eat lovers. It has everything ranging from waffles, pancakes, cupcakes, drinks, and even nitrogen ice cream. That’s right the only place in Lucknow to serve nitrogen ice creams. It also gives the option to make own combos from the generic options and customized packing. 
Name – Get Desserted.
Location – Kapurthala Road, Aligunj, Lucknow.
Review :- 
  •  Nitrogen Ice Cream – This is the only place in town that serves it. The range of flavors is magnificent, from blueberries to motichoor laddu. That’s right the taste of everyone’s favorite motichoor is also added with the ice cream. The crispy crunchy crust added to the scoop of ice cream is great. 
  • Brownie Blast Waffle – The love of waffles is well felt in this place. This one consist of scoops of chocolate ice cream with brownie on top of a chocolate Waffle. The crunchiness on the outside and the softness in the inside is well catalyzed by the ice cream and brownie crumps. 
Here, ends our tour through some of the best stops in town for food lovers. All these options are open for dine in as well as delivery through Zomato. So, enjoy these delicious tastes with your favorite company. 



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