Mother's Love Towards Her Children in Today's societies

The word "mother" is so beautiful. Mothers are great human beings as they take care and guide their offsprings and teach them to add some value in society. A child can't even survive if the mother did not look after him/her. But when a child is grown up and has their own life, then they forget the love of a mother and won't care about her anymore. This is the very disappointing truth of today's societies. When things are at their worst we can always count on moms to be at their best. While the world around us is hunkered down in fear, they're the ones on the front lines making the new normal feel a little bit more normal. All in the hopes that years from now, when kids think back on this time, they won't think about the fear or the uncertainty.


They'll tell stories about playing ball in the house and not getting in trouble, about epic birthday parades, social distancing dance-offs, and uninterrupted family dinners. They'll remember that while everyone was being homeschooled, they didn't just learn reading, writing, and arithmetic they learned what really matters in life. Love, laughter, and a good internet connection. And during this time when we're all told to stay apart, they'll find that somehow we've all grown a little bit closer. So that one day when this madness is all finally over when this new normal go back to normal, our children will one day tell stories about how in the spring of 2020, the world did not stop. It kept spinning and moving forward, fueled by the most powerful force on Earth, a mother's love. It is our responsibility to take care of our own mother. When they are old and can't work or do anything at that time we must be there to help them as they had taken care of us, when we were a child. Love your parents and make the world more beautiful.




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