Rasam: A South Indian Main Course


Rasam is the main course that goes well with rice, one of the staple food of India or it can also be consumed as a thin clear soup. Rasam is a popular main course that is popular among the south Indians. Rasam is a term that is in Tamil Nadu whereas in Karnataka it is called as Saaru and in Andhra Pradesh, it is called as Charu. By knowing how to make a simple or the basic Rasam, you can evolve the dish by making some small changes to the recipe. Rasam is considered as a good medicine against common cold and fever, replenish your appetite and dry throat. According to one of the ancient stories, Rasam was first created in the rule of Pandiyans in South India.


The story goes like when the Son of the Pandiyan king fall sick, he refused to eat all the food that was served to him. The King gives out an order stating that anyone who serves food that would please my son to eat, will be rewarded. Karunan, a Brahmin Priest, who lived under the reigns of the Pandiyan King participated to get the reward. He put all his luck into the food that he invented. He collected all the local ingredients such as Lemon, Curry leaves, Gooseberries, Black Pepper, Turmeric and few other ingredients and ground them together to boil it in the water. He finally achieved created a new food to serve it to the prince. When the food was served to Prince, he was able to have it and it made him recover from his illness. Soon the Prince made Rasam has the state food and rewarded Karunan who invented it. After this little by little Rasam become a popular food in South India.


Rasam Recipe:


Black Pepper, Fenugreek, Cumin - each 1 Tea Spoon

 Curry Leaves- 10 Leaves

 Red Chillies- 2 no.

Salt- to taste

Asafoetida- a pinch

Lemon juice- 3 no.

or Tamarind- 15 grams dissolved in water

Water- 500 ml

1. Coarsely grind all the dry ingredients.

2. Sauté it in oil poured in a vessel.

3. Add lemon Juice or the tamarind dissolved water to the mixture.

4. Turn off the flame when the froth covers the top.

5. Your Rasam is ready. Serve it hot or Cold. Have it hot if you are sick.


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