Forgiveness; The Freedom key that you hold

As long as you are living with people there is no guarantee that they will never step on your toes or get in your nerves. And as long as we are living in the world that is unpredictable, you cannot expect things to go your way all the time. Humans are never perfect, we have different perspectives, experiences and opinions.

There are horrible and unspeakable things that a person can do for you and its so easy to be bitter and hold grudges. But by doing this, you are actually hurting yourself. You are locking yourself up from better things. Being bitter opens the door to likewise feelings like anger, frustration and stress.

Here is the thing; most people who hurt you may not even be aware that they did it, even those who actual know they did; Very few them will acknowledge what they have done and ask for your forgiveness. People move on, they rarely look back to see if you are hurt or offended.

Some people carry grudges for years for people who are gone or who they have seen once. You need to try not to do that because you are the one who is affected by all this and not the other person. You need to learn to forgive.

Forgiveness has to be your habit because let’s be honest, most things in our life daily don’t go as planned. So if you learn to let go and forgive the simple things on daily bases, you will be able to get the strength and wisdom to forgive the bigger stuff.

When you don’t forgive you are the one who is the prisoner, and no one can get you out of that prison but yourself. The day you decide to forgive will be your freedom day. There is so much wait we carry that is sometimes unnecessary and it begins to affect our health, mental abilities, our work ethics and even relationships with people around us.

Just by making a decision to forgive and let go, people have been able to change their lives around. Without forgiveness you are holding back the good things and blessings that are yours in life. You need to forgive because at some point in life you will need to be forgiven.

Forgiving is like a breath of fresh air, new beginning and an escape from the prison that you didn’t know you were in. Care and love yourself enough to do this; you will see the difference!

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