Coronavirus In India

MIGRANT employees World Health Organization came to cities for work once the primary Covid-19 imprisonment earned  roughly 5 times the maximum amount as people who stayed back, and last year’s exodus affected ladies quite men, consistent with a Yale survey that tracked  five,5000 migrants across north and central Asian nation from Apr 2020 to Gregorian calendar month 2021.

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The survey, which can be free on-line Wednesday, shows that solely forty five per cent of feminine migrants came to their urban workplaces — forty per cent of them earned  no financial gain across per week within which they were tracked  in Gregorian calendar month 2021.

In comparison, fifty five per cent of men came to their workplaces and solely 1 / 4 of them had no financial gain across identical week in Gregorian calendar month, consistent with the survey conducted over phone by researchers from Yale and also the Inclusion political economy Asian nation Centre at KREA University with province and Chhattisgarh as “source states”.

Besides, the survey shows, male migrant employees World Health Organization came to urban areas for work had managed to earn up to ninety per cent of their pre-pandemic earnings. however the ladies World Health Organization did thus earned  up to seventy two per cent of their pre-pandemic financial gain. On average, this came to Rs two,355 a week, or eighty five per cent of pre-pandemic earnings, the survey found.

On the opposite hand, the survey found, male migrant employees World Health Organization remained reception earned  solely twenty three per cent of their pre-pandemic financial gain, and feminine migrant employees simply thirteen per cent. On average, this came to Rs 451 per week, or eighteen per cent of pre-pandemic earnings, the survey found.

The overall variety of COVID-19 cases in Asian nation has surpassed the eighteen.3 million mark and recorded two,04,812 fatalities, so far.

India has recorded three,79,297 new COVID-19 cases and three,645 new fatalities within the last twenty four hours, surpassing three.7 large integer mark in daily numbers of active cases.

Maharashtra A-one the list of most Coronavirus-affected states in Asian nation with vi,73,481 active cases and total sixty seven,214 deaths, so far.

India is that the second most affected country within the world with one,83,68,331 COVID-19 cases and a pair of,04,812 fatalities.

These area unit high ten most Corona-affected states in Asian nation with highest variety of COVID-19 cases:


The western state recorded forty four,73,394 confirmed COVID-19 cases and sixty seven,214 fatalities. The state presently has vi,73,481 active cases with the recovery rate at thirty seven,30,729.


The southern state has fourteen,95,378 confirmed cases and five,212 fatalities. It presently has two,66,642 active cases and also the recovery stands at twelve,23,185.


The southwestern state has fourteen,39,822 confirmed cases and fifteen,036 deaths. state presently has three,28,884 active COVID-19 cases within the state and also the recovery rate stands at ten,95,883.


The most inhabited state in Asian nation recorded eleven,82,848 confirmed COVID-19 cases and eleven,943 deaths. state presently has three,00,041 active cases with recovery rate at eight,70,864.

Tamil Nadu

With 11,30,167 confirmed COVID-19 cases and thirteen,826 deaths, Madras is among one in all the worst hit states in South Asian nation. The state presently has one,10,308 active cases with the recovery rate at ten,06,033.


Cases within the country's capital state area unit rising daily and presently have one,03,424 active cases. The state recorded ten,98,051 confirmed cases and fifteen,377 deaths with nine,79,250 folks sick from the virus.

Andhra Pradesh

Second worst affected state in southern Asian nation with ten,69,544 confirmed COVID-19 cases and seven,871 fatalities. The state presently has one,07,611 active cases whereas nine,54,062 folks recovered once the infection.

West Bengal

Worst affected state within the east, province registered seven,93,552 confirmed COVID-19 cases and eleven,159fatalities. Currently, Bengal has one,05,812 active cases with one,05,812 folks sick from the virus.


The state has one,18,846 active cases of COVID-19. it's registered vi,97,902 confirmed cases and eight,061fatalities.


This western state has recorded five,63,577 confirmed cases and three,926 deaths, so far. Rajasthan, currently, has 1,63,372 active cases with a recovery rate of three,96,279.

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