Trendy Harem Pants: Smartest Way To Beat The Summer Heat

With the summer heat increasing day by day, one common dilemma faced by all is regarding apt summer clothes. Regarding formal clothing, there are certain restrictions as one needs to follow formal wear protocols. However, when it comes to casual clothing, there is truly no dearth of the options. Wondering what would be an ideal yet stylish outfit for summer travel or a casual shopping day? Well, it is none and other than harem pant that allows you to take your fashion quotient to the next level along with experiencing utmost comfort. Let’s explore a few of the most popular Harem Pant variations:-

Arabic-styled Harem Pant:-
The moment ones glances at the harem pant, one cannot help but instantly visualize an Arabic belly dancer. Especially, this styled harem pant bears a striking resemblance to the conventional Arabic dress. Featuring elastic waist, this pleated harem pant generally bears monochrome color. You may style this kind of harem pant with a spaghetti top, sunglasses and a flowy scarf. 

Wide-styled Harem Pant:-
This style of harem pant is adored for imparting much flexibility and comfort. No wonder, it poses as an ideal piece of outfit for aerobics, yoga and other fitness related activities. Such harem pants come in both, monochrome and colorful pattern.

Buckled-hem styled Harem Pant:-
This style of harem pant is inspired by western clothing. Featuring buckled-hem bottom and pockets, it generally arrives in dark tones like dark shades of brown, military green, black, etc. 

Cloth-knot styled Harem Pant:-
As the name suggests, this kind of harem pant features a cloth knot at its waist. Its overall design resembles a salwar design. Generally, this style is accessible in printed colorful designs. You may style this kind of harem pant with a scarf and wide wooden bangles. 

Printed-Arabic styled Harem:-
This style of harem pant is made out of silk fabric mainly. There is no dearth of prints and shades so it is easier to achieve the kind of overall look that you been visualizing. Also, since it’s not much baggy, it may enable you to enhance your elegance quotient. 


In nutshell, In terms of fabrics, styles, patterns and prints, the options related to harem pants are in abundance. However, the popular fabric choices include cotton, lycra, silk, etc. To further augment the overall harem pant look, you may take the help of accessories like an ethnic belt or colorful bead jewellry, statement bangles and neckpieces.

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