We Unveil the Secrets of these Famous Stars, More Details Inside!


The night sky has always been of immense fascination to many around the globe! Humankind, with the help of science and mythology, has managed to group together stars, creating intricate shapes and patterns of figures or even animals named as "Constellations". Constellations have transformed our night sky into a storytelling stage as numerous myths and tales connect each star. Ever wondered about the symbolism behind these constellations? Worry no more and buckle up as we take you through a journey of time and space! Here are some popular myths and stories behind your favorite constellations: Ursa Major 


Although an alternative name for this seven-star clad constellation is "Great Bear", it is quite difficult to visualize this shape as such. The name "Great Bear" is based on Roman mythology in which Jupiter (the King of Gods) desires a woman named Callisto. Due to jealousy, Jupiter's wife turns Callisto into a bear and as a result, Callisto's son nearly kills her. To avoid so, Jupiter sends her off to the sky where she resides as Ursa Major today. It's true what they say- jealousy is a predator- or in this case, creates predators! Orion Based on popular Greek mythology, The Orion is one of the most noticeable constellations present in the night sky. One of the more popular theories of its origin generates from Greek Mythology. Wherein, Orion was a mighty hunter of ancient times. 


This powerful being managed to piss off Gaia, The Mother Earth after he said that he would kill off every animal on the planet, who then in return sent a Scorpio to defeat Orion. This is another reason why the constellation of Scorpio is never visible when Orion is in the sky and vice versa. Looks like these constellations took their grudges to the sky! Taurus the Bull 


Most prominent in the winter sky, Taurus the Bull charges across the horizon and is hard to miss! In Greek Mythology, Taurus was the great king Zeus in disguise. He wanted to abduct Europa, a legendary Phoenician princess- whom he fell in love with- and what another way to impress someone other than to transform into a magnificent bull! Another popular Buddhist mythology says that Gautama Buddha was born when the full moon was in Vaisakha or Taurus. Cassiopeia


Easily perceptible in the night sky, this 'W' shaped constellation has quite a history behind its name. In Modern Indian Astronomy, Cassiopeia was known as Sharmishtha- the daughter of the great devil, King Vrishparva. In Greek mythology, Cassiopeia was also a vain queen who had enraged the God of Sea, Poseidon by boasting about the beauty of her daughter (Andromeda) and herself. This haughtiness caused Poseidon to banish her to the sky where she was placed alongside her husband and daughter. Looks like her boasting was all in vain! Even the stars have their own stories! Interesting isn't it?

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