2 new fragrances for the niche perfume lovers!

Don't like buying the mainstream perfumes? Spending your money of perfumes which can be found in everyone's closet is what you abhor then there's a god news for all the niche fragrances lovers. Two new fragrances just got welcomed to the niche perfume market.
Luca Gritti, the perfumery, and owner of his label Gritti Venezia recently presented his two new babies. Each adding to collection based on each gender. He announced these in Milan.
First one of the couple is 'tutu' by Gritti, this is an add on to the 'The Bra series' a series dedicates to the ladies. The other half of this couple is '19-68' by Gritti, going to 'The Black series' pour homme.
The duo is totally contrasting.

Masculine - Feminine. Bitter- Sweet. Black - Pink.
But none of the bottle is labelled with ' for men' or ' for women' in any language whatsoever. Which is interesting as these can be stretching the gender biasing in the dimension of scents.
The pink one, 'tutu' seems to be a very throughout name for a perfume. It's more like a metaphor. A metaphor stating that the female's labour is not seen when she's performing ballet in her tutu. The only thing projected is the sweet-perfect talent which gives out a peculiar sensation of adornment to its viewer. Same goes with the perfume 'tutu', the labour behind its creation is not visible, but the yielder
will be lingered with the lust of the fragrance.
The pink bottle carries an amalgamation fruity-floral nodes.  The scent of this perfume is as chic, and feminine as its bottle. Berry accords over the gourmand stage coconut and vanilla, makes this a girlish fruity puff. You'll also be  reminiscing the sweet chewing gum with the ghost of spicy powder after pulling its pink marble-ous  lid. A quick wipe of blackcurrants bitterness teamed with coconut water, followed by  the highs of floral amber add the charms to this scent. All this including jasmine, and tuberose is finally wrapped in a warm, musky sillage.
tutu Gritti
Top notes: Grapefruit, Black currant leaf, Coconut, and Apple;
Middle notes: Jasmine, Rose, and Heliotrope;
Base notes: Raspberry, Vanilla, Amber, and Musk.
The black and golden bottle, is flagged with a  sequence of number '19-68'. The sequence is just not a random one, but the birth year of Luca Gritti. This perfume is very personal to the heart of its brewer. Initially, this brew was suppose to be  for the personal use of Mr. Gritti, but soon he decided to let the buyer of his brand have a quick yet acknowledging entries of his personal scents writings. Without any debates this fact makes the perfume a lot more interesting than others.
This perfumes adds to the label's ' The Black ' series. The iconic combination of black and gold, makes it classy and masculine and hence declares it brings the same attributes within. The scent doesn't let this fade in anyway.  It opens with a fresh gulp of citrus , and lavender which soon fades off after smoothening the citrus. Deeper nodes are curated with green apple, making it slightly sweet. The base for this perfume is that of a masculine aftershave, filled with mossy evernyl, woody, ambere dry, and musk. It is a classic aftershave doctorate version. The drydown of this scent is white which is the only thing contrasting the bottle. Against all the black and gold on the  outer its pure within.
19-68 Gritti
Top notes: Calabrian bergamot, Grapefruit, Tangerine, Pink pepper, and Blackcurrant;
Middle notes: Lavender, Rose, Magnolia, Patchouli, and Vetiver;
Base notes: Ambergris, Tonka bean, and Musk.
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