5 Small Steps for Environment: Show Love and Care


Every year on June 5, the world celebrates World Environment Day. Across the world, various programs and awareness campaigns are being organized to spread awareness about the importance of the environment and ways to protect it. This year when the whole world is locked down at homes, in such a scenario all these campaigns either shrank to small numbers or came on the digital platforms. However, protecting the environment is not a one day job, it is an everyday effort and from each and every individual. We must be thankful for the environment due to which we are able to survive on this planet earth. Thus, our small efforts can also bring huge change and help the damaged environment to heal and become healthy again so that we can live our lives in a happier way. 


Here are small steps that you can practice every day and show gratitude to the environment:

  1. Plant Trees: Planting trees is very noble work. When we plant a tree we open paths for getting fresh air, shelter, fruits, flowers, pure oxygen, and so on. Thus, you must plant at least one tree a month if not much possible for you. Planting one tree a month will help you get 12 trees a year and at the end of a year, you will find yourself in such a beautiful, peaceful, and fresh place.
  2.  Save Water: Water is the most abused resource by humans. We take water for granted and then crib over the scarcity of water. The water gets scarce because we overuse it and take it for granted. However, the day is not far when our natural freshwater resources will dry up and we’ll crave for freshwater. Thus, stop overusing it, use a bucket instead of the shower every day, never let the taps run open, use bucket water instead of pipes while washing the car, or watering the plants. Your small effort can thus change the world.
  3. Stop Polluting Air: The levels of pollutants in the air have risen manifolds leading to many breathing problems. The air has been so polluted that many times we don’t see the true blue color of the sky.  Thus, avoid using motor vehicles while going to a nearby shop or going to a nearby market. Choose your feet as your transit for going to nearby places as it will help you stay fit and avoid air pollution in the environment. Also, don’t burn plastics in open areas, they emit chemicals and hazardous fumes that harm the environment.
  4. Avoid using plastics: This is a high time where we realize our duty to protect the environment by stop using plastics. Plastics are really harmful to the environment. Plastics are non-biodegradable so if these plastics are thrown out in open then they harm the soil and thus lead to soil erosions. When these plastics reach oceans then aqua life gets badly affected. These plastics harm aquatic plant species, aquatic animals get suffocated, choked, and thus die. Therefore, pledge today that you will switch to the cloth or jute bags and completely ban plastic poly bags at your home.
  5. Love animals: Animals are a very important part of our environment. There is a chain of life that includes us, animals, plants, and all other organisms due to which we survive. If we will be brutal to animals then the day is not far where the whole balance of the life cycle will get disturbed and we will go through a major crisis. It’s time to respect each and every animal on the earth because we all are inter-dependent with each other. Rather than killing, beating, and doing harm to animals and birds, help them, give them food, water and care because when we will show love, they will share their trust and care with us.


Thus, this environment is not only for human beings, it is for all the children of our mother earth and the environment becomes complete when we respect the biodiversity that surrounds us. Therefore, follow these small steps and make a better place to live in.





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