NGO rescues for Baniyan trees

Phoenix Foundation a charitable organisation, has come forward to help tran­slocate the trees. It include over 900 banyan trees. Decade old trees about 1000 in numbers will be cut for expansion for Hydrabad-Bijapur National Highway.



Phoenix Foundation got touch with Vata Foundation, have a joint meet with National Highway Authority of India and Telangana Forest Department and requested to save the trees.


Vata Foundations’s trustee Udaykrishana P said,”we have been on every door for saving these trees. We are pleased that Phoenix Foundation want to actively take part in translocation.We will discussing modalities in the next few days.”


Udaykrishana claims “Banyan is a sturdy tree and even the branches when chopped for trimming could be used for growing fresh trees. We will be making use of all the branches and these can be transplanted in va­rious urban parks proposed to be raised in the suburbs. It could cost up to ₹70,000 to translocate a tree and all it requires is two­ three years of watering,” 


Most of the baniyan trees are located in 50 kilometres area, so foundations wants two spread out all the regions 

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