Rachel Greene : The badass queen of valor


Life is never fair to anyone .While some crumble down under the avalanche , some dare to raise their heads above the debris.


F.R.I.E.N.D.S , the American sit-com continues to rule the hearts of people internationally even after 15 years. People all over the world still hum to “I’ll be there for you” due to its showcase of real world with the tint of romance and tragedy garnished with humour. All the six characters of the show won our hearts in their own way but our Rachel Greene always had something more in store for us. Marked for her bitchy and selfish yet stylish , warm and loyal character , she has been an epitome of courage throughout the series.


Losing a comfortable life is a nightmare for most of the people but Rachel had guts to choose heart over money and ran away from her own wedding sticking to her principles even if it meant giving up on luxury and extravaganza . She faced the world with her wit and sweetness when she started her career from rock bottom as a waitress. Never to be backed down by her surroundings , she  consistently showed her grit for her passion even after continuous rejections.


Children look up to their parents for motivation but Rachel’s mother looked up to her daring daughter for inspiration and motivation when she decided to divorce Rachel’s dad. She loved the independence Rachel had for herself. Throughout the series we see her as developing as a warm human , being the bigger person by living and loving her present , being supportive to her friends and letting go of the people who  stopped  her from achieving her dreams.


She takes risks time and again to win her battles .She leaves waitressing with nothing in her hand for backup and gradually bags a job at Bloomingdales.  Life becomes better b for her for quite some time with a good job and a loving boyfriend when suddenly it takes a U-turn and things fall apart for her .She still  maintains her dignity and stands for her identity on the face of a major heart break . She eventually learns to forgive her spat with Ross and decides to move on but still be friends with Ross for the sake of their group.


We see Rachel flying down from New York to London to tell Ross she still loves him but stops from doing it so when she sees how happy Ross  was with  Emily. We can only imagine how strong and loving she was when she gave up Ross for Emily. Her choice to be a single mother without  pressurizing Ross to take up the responsibility exhibits her inner  power and self belief on her own capabilities. She radiates an aura which shines of feminism, self respect and dignity.


Even if she is worried sometimes as to where her life is moving, she never loses her hope and enjoys every moment of her life. We see her as a warm human , a great friend , a loving mother and an amazing lover , dodging the crests and troughs to finally bag a job in the fashion capital Paris only to dare to leave her fame and money behind for her love when she gets off the plane to go to Ross.

Throughout the entire series she is transformed from a rich spoiled brat to a humane , loving and caring person . She is truly the badass queen of valor.

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