Mechatronics Engineer- A trending career you should choose


Summary:  This article is about mechatronics. It explains how it helps the future. It also explains the career in mechatronics and the required skills. A lot of people heard about mechatronics but doesn’t know how it is developed. Many people don’t know the scope of mechatronics. The article will also explain the company who used mechatronics and how they are benefiting.  These articles will explain in details.  

What is Mechatronics?

Mechatronics is a combination of engineering and electronics. It is the combination of robotics, computer, control, product engineering, Algorithms is required for this field. From everyday consumer product like microwave, DVD players, transport application in cars, boats, and aircraft Mechatronics play a very important role.

Examples of Mechatronic systems are

  1. Aerial Robots
  2. Wheeled Robots
  3. Legged Robots
  4. Autonomous Cars
  5. Underwater Robots
  6. Industrial Robots

What is the type of Mechatronic system?

The mechatronic system is of different type

  1. Mechanical Engineering
  2. Electrical Engineering
  3. Electronic Engineering
  4. Computer Engineering

What is the component of Mechatronics system?

  1. Mechanical
  2. Electronics
  3. Sensors
  4. Actuators
  5. Control
  6. Computing

How does Mechatronics work?

  1. A mechatronics system has at its core a mechanical system which needs to be commanded or controlled by a controller
  2. The controller needs information about the state of the system. This is called sensors.
  3. In many cases, the signals produced by the sensors are not in a form ready to be read by the controller and need some signal conditioning operation to be performed.
  4. The conditioned sensed signals are then converted to a digital form by Analog to digital (ADC) and then send to the controller.
  5. The controller is the “mind” of the mechatronic system which processes user commands and sensed signals to generate command signals to be sent to the actuators in the system.
  6. Actuators the device that can convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.
  7. The user commands are obtained from the variety of devices, including command buttons, graphical user interface (GUIs), touch screens or pads.
  8. The most common mode of operation is the closed-loop mode in which the command signals sent to the actuators utilize the feedback information from the sensors. This mode does not require calibration information.  


What is the future of mechatronics?

The future of mechatronics is bright and it is very challenging. The student can fix smartphones, x-ray, laundry machine. The student can create and design a new product. A robot is very famous and the student design robot.

The future of mechatronics will grow and more opportunity will be available as the technology grow.

The person working in mechatronics will be able to solve any troubleshooting and keep familiar with current development. For e.g. to develop smartphones one need the knowledge of electronics and mechanical.


What is the scope of Mechatronics?

The scope of mechatronics is as follows

  1. It helps in market research, identification of user needs, information analysis and formulation of the product specification.
  2. In a manufacturing company, Mechatronics looks into process development, product planning, material handling, and quality control.
  3. The concentration is mainly on fundamental aspects of sensors, actuators, control and integration methods. It focuses on mechanics, robotics, electronics, control, and information system.
  4. The robotics can be developed by using solar energy.
  5. This technology will be used certainly of people.
  6. Data can be secured by using mechatronics and helps in cryptography techniques.


What are the advantages of mechatronics?

  1. An engineer can do better process planning, intellectual process control, intelligent product development, and process planning.
  2. It increased the benefit to the consumer.
  3. It increases the performance of the product.
  4. It increased the quality of the product.
  5. It has wide area of application
  6. It can extend the machine utilization
  7. Mechatronic is more user-friendly
  8. It can be reprogrammed


What are the Disadvantages of Mechatronics?

  1. The initial cost is high.
  2. It is difficult to implement the knowledge of different engineering field for design and implementation.
  3. It is expensive to implement mechatronics to the old/existing system
  4. The specific problem of the various system has to be considered separately and properly.


What is the application of Mechatronics?


Washing Machine

Automatic camera


Xerox/ Copy Machine

Barcode reader


Conveyors /Automation Control

Automobiles – ABS car engine managements


What is the following engineering position most wanted these days?

Instrumentation Engineer

System Engineer

Product Design Engineer

Controls Engineer

Automation Engineer


What are the Mechatronics Companies?

  1. Pepsi Co
  2. Coca Cola
  3. Unilever
  4. Siemens
  5. ABB
  6. Delta
  7. Fanuc
  8. Kuka
  9. Amazon
  10. Google (for server housing and data center maintenance)
  11. Power Utility Companies
  12. ETC

These are the few multinational companies which use mechatronics.

Some major companies use Mechatronics are as follows

IT companies

Manufacturing Companies

Automation Companies


What is the skill requiring for mechatronics?

  1. It should have an interest in mechanics and electronics
  2. The student needs to be creative and imagination
  3. They should have problem-solving skills
  4. The practical and technical skill needs to be applied
  5. A detailed and methodical approach to their work
  6. Mathematics is they must
  7. All types of motors and worked on all faults and breakdown

How to develop a successful career in mechatronics?

  1. The engineer should have B.E/BTech or equivalent from the recognized University in the area of an engineer, Electronics, Electronics & Telecommunication, Instrumentation, and Mechanical Engineer
  2. MTech course in Mechatronics is 2 years whereas Ph.D. is three to five years
  3. It is essential that the mechanic engineer should have sound knowledge of electronics, software design, and mechanics.
  4. He/she must have good communication skill, problem-solving, decision-making skill, and creative skill.  
  5. They must have interpersonal and team working skills, an inquisitive and logical mind
  6.  They should have excellent technical drawing and computer skills
  7. They should have good quantitative aptitude skill.





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