A Goal Is A Goal!!!



Discipline doesn’t come overnight, it’s a habit

Practice is the main key

We all know what a goal is. Something that we expect to achieve at some point in life. In most cases we are made to believe that a goal has to be big or massive. Sometimes you can start comparing your goals with other people and it can be frustrating.

It’s good to have big goals but we also need to know that in order for someone to reach their goals there has to be a discipline.

Discipline doesn’t come overnight, it’s a habit. For someone to create a habit it has to be done more often.  We need to have small goals that we make sure we can achieve. Discipline in small stuff can be helpful in keeping us on line when it comes to committing ourselves in big things.

How Practice is the main key for Goal?

It’s like climbing there staircase you need to start the with the first step.

The small goals can be like Sleeping early so as you can wake up and do more, having routines, keeping up your word. Body goals, study goals, work goals and relationship goals.

You have to know within yourself that whatever you are doing throughout the day, what the aim of that is and what are you planning to achieve from that. Don’t go through the day not being aware of why are you doing or not doing certain things.

Everyone is different and we want different things in life not only that but we are also in different stages of our lives. So just make goals according to what you can handle and what will give you meaning and fulfillment in your life. Know what you want, find ways and work hard to achieve that. The only comparison you should have is how better you are getting every day. Evaluate yourself.

Time is a limited factor, know yourself, what you want and start climbing that staircase. Don’t wait until you are ready. Start training yourself early and when its time to work on your main goal, you already have the discipline for it

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