The Wonder Of Growing Food

Educated men and women nowadays prefer to be clerks, typists, telephone operators and the like in big offices. They may not be specialised in such jobs and their salaries may be low, but they take special pride in doing such jobs. But this is a wrong attitude. The dignity of labour lies not in doing certain jobs one likes, but it lies more in doing any kind of job that best with one's ability and aptitude for it.


Mahatma Gandhi once said, "a nation may do without its millionaires and without its capitalists, but a nation can never do without its labourers". Gandhi believed strongly in the dignity of labour. He worked at the ‘charkha’ and lived with the Harijans. Jesus Christ chose a poor uneducated fisherman to be his follower.


The basic necessity for the growth of a country is its agriculture. Many policymakers in some countries who thought that they should lay stress on industrialisation at the cost of agriculture have realised their mistake. Food is the first requirement of people, and if that becomes scarce, the economy suffers grievously. That is why the study of agriculture is given more importance these days in schools and colleges, and specialised agricultural universities have been set up.


There are many branches of agriculture, such as agricultural Botany, plant Pathology, Zoology and Entomology, Genetics and so forth. Specialisation in agriculture through the study of some of these branches can make you an agricultural specialist, who can guide labourers and workers to adopt modern methods of agriculture. This would help them produce better crops in a short time in the most economical way, thus catalyzing the country's development. 


India is an agricultural country. Seventy per cent of its people live in villages and earn their livelihood from agriculture. In all the five year plans, great importance has been given to agriculture. Just as the jawans protect us from an external enemy, so our agriculturists feed our countrymen and protect us from starvation and diseases. This is a great mission. Every task or work you do to help the poor farmers and labourers will bring comfort and relief to yourself and your country. 



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