Internship – An experience from a kind of professional learning practice and basis to inculcate more job opportunities

An internship is a process and a formal procedure that includes the way of professional learning and work experience and it offers valuable, meaningful, worthy and practical work concerned to a student's field of study or in the field of career interest.  

An internship gives a student, the best opportunity looking forward for the career explorations and other kind of career developments, and it also teaches everyone to learn new skills. This article discusses about the Internship in India.  

An internship can be of any type:  

  • Paid 

  • Unpaid 

  • or partially paid (like a stipend).  

Internships may be either part-time or even on full-time and are normally comfortable and flexible with the schedules of the students who attend those internships.

A typical and a normal type of internship usually lasts between one to four months, but then, it can also be shorter or longer enough, that is majorly depends on the organization and the business company involved. 

12th standard passed students can also get internships being provided to them when they have all the necessary skills and the required technology for the internship.  

An average kind of internship is up to 3-4 months that actually coincides with a student's formal kind of semester.

An important basic key factor that determines the perfect and the proper internship duration is that an it should be long enough for a particular student for him/her to get inside of the specific rhythm of the position and a complete set of deliverables that are so much valuable and very much expensive to the students and to the company. 


Some of the advantages:  

  • Job experience seems to be forward. 

  • Research experience is enhanced. 

  • There is a wide access to a variety of tasks and departments. 

  • Mentorship is more efficient. 

  • There is a help guide for creating the career goals.  

  • One can create a very professional business network.  

  • Internship helps us to build a strong resume.  

  • There is secure and very much good references and recommendations. 

All these help for getting Internships in India  


A few of the disadvantages:  

  • Internships won't pay much.  

  • Most companies hire the interns on the cheap level.  

  • You might have a chance to get the grunt work.  

  • Some employers or even managers take the advantage of interns for giving them the mindless work  

  • No new skills are enabled. 

  • You have a possibility that could get labeled.  

  • The hours can be varying. 


The Internship Procedure: 

Applicants who apply for a particular internship within a period of 6 months of completion of their formal study and degree qualification are all considered. If the specific applicant has completed 3 years of study in full time at any university or if it’s an equivalent institution, it actually prioritizes to commence the internship. 

If the student has currently enrolled or if the student has recently graduated from a college or from a university, along with the age factor that he/she is at least 18 years old, if by having the desired qualifications, for which the company looks, there are even chances that the graduates have other field experiences in the internships in India.  

Finishing or completing an internship course Is a very valuable connection to the job of a graduate and it will help one to enhance and develop the perfect skills that the employers mostly want.  

Also, most employers usually look for the proof and the evidence that a student will be able to do the task that he/she actually had applying for. An internship, whether being as a part of a student’s degree or it can even be optional, this can provide the actual proof on the basis of the evidence of your professional suitability. 


Steps to opt for the correct and suitable internship: 

  1. Firstly, it is very important to know the type of internship you want.  

  1. Secondly, have in mind that you get a recommendation. 

  1. Thirdly, write a perfect and a true resume of yours.  

  1. Fourthly, start applying for internships.  

  1. Fifthly, according to the internship that you’ve taken, respond and follow up.  

  1. Sixthly, Prepare for the interview.  

  1. Seventhly, attend the interview without fail. 

  1. Lastly, never give up following up after interviewing. 


Why should internship be paid?  

Statistics and Studies have actually shown that the format of paid internships is 52% in real more likely that is results in a complete and a full-time job compared to format of unpaid internships. The paid interns, feel more valued and worthy for their job and the task that they do. Also, they strongly consider and take a full-time role at their working company. Also in addition, greater than 70% of the business employers stop by offering their company interns to full-time jobs in the internships in India. 

Getting an internship isn't difficult as hard as you might think.  

Getting your dream internship is far and wide and is more achievable than the way you've led yourself to believe.  

You just need to see and follow a few simple steps. 

Finding out internships without having the right and correct experience might be hard, or it might even be impossible at times. But it is possible that it can be done by any person or people out there.  

You just have to be able to encourage and enhance yourself, also promote the right way. 

Applicants may need a traditional and a conventional application, a very strong resume, a powerful cover letter, the required certificates, and a few of the letters of recommendation. Not all the internships have the same prerequisites to be satisfied. 


Some of the Internships in India: 

  • TCS  

  • Wipro 

  • Flipkart 

  • Nestle 

  • Mahindra 

  • AICTE Internship 

  • Internships- Greenpeace India 

  • Intel Graduate Inten 


India’s best Internship websites:  

  • Intern Shala 

  • LinkedIn 

  • Let's Intern 

  • AngelList 

  • Killer Launch 

  • Hello Intern 

  • Twenty19 

  • Glass Door 



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