Wipro's founder Azim Premji to retire on 30th of July


Wipro has recently announced its founder Azim Premji to retire on 30th of July, 2019. Azim Premji is currently the executive chairman as well as the managing director of the Multinational Information Technology company. However, he'll continue serving as the non executive director and founder chairman for the nexy five year tenure.


He has been a part of the company since 1960s and it has been 53 years now since has helmed the IT company. Also, Wipro has made him to be the second richest man of India.


On this occassion, Premji said,"It has been a long and satisfying journey for me. As I look into the future, I plan to devote more time to focus on our philanthropic activities. I have great confidence and trust in Rishad's leadership to steer Wipro in its next phase of growth as we move forward,"


It has been reported by the board of directors now, that Azim Premji's son, Rishad Premji will take his position now. Rashid is currently the Chief Strategy officer and an eminent board member of the country. Few other changes in the management followed too, like the board also announced that chief executive officer and executive director Abidali Z Neemuchwala will be re-designated as chief executive officer and managing director. 


Wipro is currently the fourth largest company in India in regard to revenue generated with  8.4 billion in his pocket. It is one of the largest company listed in BSE, NSE and NYS. The company . The innovation, quality, and process are the key driving points for Wipro Limited.


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