Doctor's Life During The Pandemic

Covid-19 has affected not only the life of people who are under lockdown but also the medical professionals who are working 24/7 to save one life after another. We all keep complaining about how stressed we are because of this pandemic, lets spare a minute and imagine how to have the medical professionals must be feeling. Like us, medical professionals do not have any kind of luxury of holding themselves up along with their family and protect themselves from this pandemic. Medical professionals must be up every day and expose themselves to the risk. A lot of them have voluntarily separated themselves from their families to keep them safe.


Talking about the life of a doctor does not only include their physical health but also their mental health. It is said that a large number of medical professionals have been showing symptoms like anxiety, depression, insomnia and in some cases, psychological distress and on the other hand nurses report severe symptoms, like they must engage in a lot of emotional labor, like reassuring patients while keeping their own emotions in check.


Ensuring the safety and protection of medical professionals should be an integral part of the public health measures for addressing the outbreak. They lack crucial information, of a shortage of essential equipment, and must battle public panic that takes many forms like gossip and social rejection to denial of essential services and physical assaults. Doctors are being forced to make hard decisions and heart-breaking choices that can have a lasting impact.




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