How to Over come Fear of Loosing up, Lets start

If we talk about how to overcome your fear of loosing up in the most important exam or it might be in real life , so I would say that fear is nothing its just a illusion and a mind set which runs over by negative thoughts all around you. Bascially we say that I have fear of heights, fear of giving up so what is the fear word, from where it generally comes. So To  overcome this is not a big thing at all, one should be positive and look around themselves without positive approch without thinking about the outcome and you will find that there is nothing like fear.To start with, reframe disappointment by moving your objectives. Try to look at the bigger picture towards the life , if you does not score well in any your exam its ok , you can try next time with better efforts but on the same time if you think  that I can not do this , I am scared so this will disturb you , you have to avoid these negatived frames of mind . In life one should ask the questions, and face the hard challenges of life to be the winner of life.Grow your objective to incorporate discovering some new information and you will never in fact "fall flat" in light of the fact that there is continually something to be learned.The best reaction to saw disappointment is to pose oneself these three ground-breaking inquiries: '


1) What did I gain from this circumstance? 

2) How would i be able to develop as an individual from this experience? 

3) What are three positive things about this circumstance? 


When you first endeavor to list three positive things about the "disappointment", your brain might be exceptionally safe. Yet, in the event that you stay with the activity, before you know it, you will see another open door that can leave this "failure." Many of us enable dread to incapacitate us since we don't care for inclination dread. However, in the event that you basically enable yourself to feel the dread when it appears, you will see that it rapidly scatters and all of a sudden the circumstance feels more manageable.Most individuals don't have the foggiest idea training 100%. They THINK they do, however they don't. Giving something 100% methods something other than going until you're worn out. It means needing something more than anything you've at any point needed. That being your best could really compare to playing computer games or spending time with your companions. To give something 100% intends to give 100% of your heart. Obviously, a great many people will never have the certainty to do this. They're anxious about flopping after they've given it their everything. They're apprehensive about resembling a trick in the wake of giving it everything. I guarantee you it will transform you. Give yourself 100% to preparing, to ANYTHING, it will transform you.

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