Independence is Not the Gift of British Parliament

Swaraj would not be the gift of the British Parliament, But must spring from 'the wishes of the people of India as expressed through their freely choose and representatives' -Mahatma Gandhi in 1992 expressed that Indians must shape their own destiny which could be done by only Indians then India could become herself. The freedom fighters gave their best and the outcome is the independence of the country. Although it was challenging for the Indian leaders to establish the democracy, frame their own Constitution, and manage their living. When India got its Independence, the resources, technology was not strengthened but with the passage of time Indians are able to develop its economy.


While Mahatma Gandhi quoted that "The day a woman can walk freely on roads at night, that day we can say that India has achieved Independence." Mahatma Gandhi has also expressed that equality among both the sex is requisite. That is the reason that many steps have been taken to improve the status of women in society. The development of technologies, self-empowerment has been the evidence. 'Atmanirbhar Bharat' Made in India is one of the steps towards the development of the economy. The recent announcement to ban 101 items of defense is also one of the examples. The increase in GDP, agriculture sector, and other sectors has been witnessed. Indians have come a long way and many more to achieve.




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