Delhi based singer, Suryaveer Hooja releases this year’s new friendship anthem, Yaara Ve

Singer Suryaveer Hooja who is mostly famous for his song ‘Baage Vich’ has released this year’s new friendship anthem, Yaare Ve. The song stars reality TV star, Divya Sharma and has become an instant favorite among Suryaveer’s fans. When asked what inspired him to make this song, he said “I've been making special songs for my fans on friendship day since five years and this time I wanted to come up with an original. I'm really happy with the way it turned out and I've been receiving a great response from my fans”. The singer's fans are treated with a special friendship day song every year and they seem to really look forward to it. The singer also covered the all-time hit friendship song, 'Yaara Teri' that earned over nine million views on his channel. 


Suryaveer has been a constant source of inspiration for several budding artists across the country. The independent music icon will also soon be releasing another song in collaboration with singer Shibani Kashyap.

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