India and China Face-Off at Galvan Valley : 21 dead | Indian Soldiers

The tension between India and China borders has increased, as, on Monday, 15-06-2020, there has been a violent face-off between the army of the two countries. The clash between the Indian and Chinese army took place at Galwan Valley in the night hours. Reports say that 20 soldiers of the Indian army and 1 Colonel ranked officer were killed in the face-off. The tension between the two countries has evoked after 45 years. Back in 1975, 4 Indian soldiers were killed on the borders of Arunachal Pradesh.


This time there have been no weapons used by both the armies, stone-pelting took place. Indian Army gave head to head response to the attack and it is reported that Indian ay has turned down 44 Chinese soldiers, of which some are dead and some severely injured. It is reported that China has initiated a discussion on the concerned matter. The meeting was going on between the army of the two countries on the location where the incident took place. Reports say that talks between Major Generals of India and China in Galwan Valley are over. The talks have remained inconclusive as no immediate disengagement or change in the ground has taken place. More talks to take place in the coming days. Though President of India, Kovind says that India will remember the courage and sacrifice done by the brave Indian Army soldiers.





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