Status Of Women In India

Since Independence, there has been much change for the better in the status of women in India. There is an increasing number of career and professional women. There are women judges, lawyers, executives, entrepreneurs, engineers, doctors, bank managers, pilots and women players, and sportsperson. They are there in every walk of life competing with men quite successful. They are equal before the law and there is no discrimination on the basis of sex. By virtue of various Acts and Statutes, their rights, privileges, and prerogatives have been secured and protected.


There have been women political leaders, governors, chief ministers, cabinet ministers, speakers of the legislatures and judges of the apex court. Mrs. Indira Gandhi has been a famous Prime Minister of India with many feathers in her cap. She was the first women Prime Minister of India and remained on this highest executive post during 1966-77 and again between 1980-84.


In the rural areas and villages, the situation is still worse and there has not been any appreciable change in their social, family, and economic status. They are subject to much exploitation, domination, and harassment by their male counterparts. Their aptitude, skills, and intelligence are not being properly used. They have to be confined to and satisfied with a routine, stereotyped and monotonous drudgery and domestic roles of a wife, daughter, etc. Half the world is that of women. In cities, towns, and urban localities also the percentage of women employees, office workers, administrative officers not much encouraging. The number of women in higher positions is abysmally low. Mostly they are either stenographers, nurses, teachers, computer operators, or hostesses. Moreover, they have to fight and work on two fronts--- home and employment. This is a big problem for my career and working women.


The women students fare far better than male students. Their potential is limitless but it should be given proper opportunities to blossom into fruition. They need encouragement, protection, guidance, sympathy, education, equal participation, and a healthy social and family environment. The gap between the existing status of women and what they really deserve should be filled quickly and efficaciously.






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