SEO and How it Works

1.In the 21st century, there is not a single soul who doesn’t know about Google. It is the most famous and trusted source of information about modern time. But this is not about Google. Like Google, their many other search engines, probably more than you count (overshadowed by the popularity of Google). You must have seen when you search something on these search engines that search results are divided into pages. As you can understand yourself coming on the first page of a popular search engine like Google and Bing will ensure more click and views on your website and hence more popularity.


Now, these websites on the first page are not thereby mere luck. ting, take your time to collect your thoughts and get a clear picture of the content you want or need to write, make notes of the topics and sub-topics you need to put in your article, blog or whatever that is you’re writing.


2. Headlines and Sub-headlines - Talking about topics and sub-topics, you’ll also need to use distinct headlines that may briefly describe the purpose and the intent of a topic. How does it help? By providing headlines and sub-headlines, you simplify your content and the more simplified your content is the more easily it is understood by the search engines. For example, if a person searches for 50 different ways to cook eggs, and your articles is just about that and you’ve given a clear indication that your content contains, with descriptions and keywords, all the 50 recipes. Your article may come on the first of the search engine. 


3. Official pattern - Use of a proper structure is also important in some cases. We all have learned in school how to write articles and blogs. The usual pattern starts with an introduction followed by the main body and ends with a conclusion. Unless you have some innovative idea for fresh content and patter or have some expertise in a different style, I’d suggest you stick to the classic pattern.


4. Links to the other Articles - provide links to the article that precedes that particular article and also of the one that will follow after this. You can also provide links to the articles related to that topic or were mentioned in it. By doing this, you get a series of articles connected to each other through these links. That means more readers for you if you create good content. But make sure to link these articles as a part of the sentences and paragraphs and not separately.


5. Keywords - Use of the keywords is one of the most important parts of writing SEO friendly content. All you have to keep in mind is that there are certain words or sentences that a person may use to search for a particular blog or article. For example, if you search Game of Thrones, the keywords would be the main characters names and the famous dialogues. You need to use that kind of keywords in your content.

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