Everyone Desires Success And Happiness


Many people confuse achievement success with acquiring riches and power. Actually, success is the accomplishment of any goal aimed at and planned for in any sphere of life. Success is not happiness. There are many successful; people who are unhappy and many happy people who are not successful. That to have the correct idea of happiness realize that there is a success even in failure, even if the effort made has been sincere and determined.


While success lies in what we do, happiness lies in how we do it. Success is material gain; it is an end achieved. Happiness, on the other hand, is the contentment of the mind in the knowledge that the effort was sincere and earnest, irrespective of the results of the effort. Therefore, aim first at happiness, and success will follow in its wake.


What goes into the making of success? Perseverance is the sense of success. Helen Keller said, “we can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough.” Perseverance is made up of three ‘p’ planning, pushing, perspiring. Some of us go on working hard at a job without planning and never getting anywhere. If we are to succeed, we must plan our course of acting carefully. Just as in economics, mere desire is not sufficient, but desire must be backed by purchasing power; so the mere wish to succeed will take us nowhere if we do not follow it up with action.


Dedication is an inseparable companion of perseverance. A close study of the lives of those who have reached great heights in their particular field of work will reveal their systematic planning, years of perseverance, and total dedication to duty with an unshakable faith in their own abilities. They pursued their chosen goal with great determination. They ignored all the attractions and distractions that came their way. “The game of life is worth playing, but the struggle is the prize.


Early in life, one should find out the pattern of one's aptitudes and the type of work that one would be suited for in later life. In this respect, parents should not advise their children to postpone thinking of their careers until they grow up. We must remember that each of us has been designed for a particular profession, mission, or vocation. Our success and happiness lie in the fulfillment of our hopes and desires in that direction.


If your life is to have any value, you have to think out and plan according to your desires, ambitions, and interests. Do not choose a particular career because someone else has chosen it. What may be his honest aspiration maybe your perverted ambition? Both paths may lead to success, but the farmer will lead to happiness and contentment.



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