In Pakistan, milk scales to Rs 140 per litre mark, even petrol is cheaper

The price of milk hike has gone out of control across all the major cities of Pakistan right on the day when Muharram is observed, as reported according to various Pakistani media Houses. The price of milk has reached to scintillating Rs 140 per litre in Karachi and the Sindh Province probably highest ever to touch in history of prices milk across the globe.


Quite Interestingly, petrol and diesel prices in Pakistan are lower than that of milk. Petrol was selling Rs 113 per litre, while diesel was set at Rs 91 per litre in Pakistan, prior to two days to this unexpected incident. This has reportedly been observed that milk is sold for as high as Rs 140 a litre in some parts of Sindh. 'Milk is being sold between Rs 120 and Rs 140 across the city of Karachi due to the sharp increase in demand,' stated a shopkeeper.


Karachi Commissioner Iftikhar Shallwani, who is responsible for controlling the price of milk, seems to have planned nothing to contribute to reduce or counter the exorbitant rates at which milk is being sold, according to latest reports. Ironically, the official price of milk set by the Commissioner Office is still Rs 94 a litre.

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