How Art Can Conquer the World ?

Being an art student I oath to create a better world , but what strikes me is how ? I started a mission by my own to make suffering lives better . A world which is now totally techno based I find myself hard to proceed it . Its true that you and me and everyone else is tyrannized by this gadgets ; phones , tablets , computers . We can reach any info in seconds but still almost 80% usage of this technologies are misusage . People end up watching porn , scrolling useless feeds , children prefers phone screens rather then play ground . CRUEL , more cruel then it sounds ! Idea of building a library for them would be stupidity , so why not indulge it in art proficient way . I mean creating a network by art through art .

What's the purpose of art ?

Dear, readers if art had purpose it won't be called as art . Art have been fascinating among all , people end up getting jobs , making houses , starting family but at the end they want relief . And art ensures that relief , in this hustled life everyone is hustling but when we see a guy performing in public we just stare and gaze , the moment gets still , thought process linters and we start enjoying .

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How to pursue art ?

( Guidance for individuals to implement art ) Its as easy as doing any regular task . Painting a flower in canvas , decorating your place in unique ways , writing a journal , having a stupid dance session , singing loud alone etc... something creative that looks back at you and gives you happiness . It should'nt require worthy validation unless you want to be a professional in it . If you think you have artistic characterstic which can be implanted to create a good path promising a idol future , you may join courses ! Its just that you should feel alive through it . Conquering world through art • As an individual saying conquering the world makes me heavy sometimes because the world is under tragedy nobody can save the world its terminating . We have dictators ruling the world , population is growing by millions , there's rare amount of aquatic species in seas , the north pole is melting and here I'm taking oath to make conquer the world .

What should I do ?

How it can be done ? Why me taking the responsibilties ? And such question strikes me daily . I started planning to study public relation and reach related skills with global vision to have projects which will aim to heal lives .

• Making a art camp at refugee centre can be awakening .

• Reaching to unreachable problems can be emotive for society .

• Getting orphans settled in a new houses can be reliefing .

• Painting world issues and raising fund through it can be worthy .

Raising voice for deaf people would be the best way to use my articulation . Its all about using art skills to create a better world . Art have power to fix , to empathize , to reveal , to solve , to change .

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