Reason Behind Reading Bhagavad Gita

We people have been transformed whether it's about traditional Rituals, technology, lifestyle, or diet. We have inclinations towards Western culture and are ignorant about our own Indian culture which has been appreciated all over the world. Even after Coronavirus, we understood the importance of our culture and diet. The recovery rate is evidence. We have also witnessed people of 90 years of age recovered while 20 years died. There are instances where people started realizing the importance of our culture. Eg- The Flex seed was usually consumed by every Indian but people stopped consuming it and were addicted to burgers, chocolates, and junk food. But with awareness, they started buying the flex seeds and adding it to their regular diet. It is just a single instance to describe the importance of our culture.


Without further ado, let's delve into the importance and purity of Bhagavad Gita. What are the aspects important for any human being? Mindset, Headset, Headset, and Shoulder. But how can a person achieve it? Our mind is always attached to the material world. The research analysis is the evidence that shows our generation suffered the most in the past history of humans. In most cases, people suffering from depression are due to loneliness, or any materialistic things whether it's family, friends, or anything which can be destroyed. We really don't accept that we are neither this body nor this mind.


Everything is temporary except for this soul. The soul can't be destroyed. So, if a person understands this then what will be the reason for his suffering? This concept has been beautifully explained by Lord Krishna to Arjuna when he was not willing to fight against his family and loved ones. How well Lord Krishna explained what we should, what is our duty, and how a person can solve real-life problems.


Reading Bhagavad Gita doesn't mean that someone is promoting Hinduism. It is just a way to know the absolute truth. It's quite obvious that if you are attached to temporary things, you are meant to suffer because the very time it is taken away from you, you will be devastated. But if someone knows that Krishna is superior and he is the absolute power and the ultimate truth then what will be the reason for suffering? Hope is the most powerful positive energy which gives a reason to live and can conquer the world. There was a tradition in Hinduism, where Hindus were taught ancient scripts, Vedas but with the passage of time, we forgot everything.


A person can live in a materialistic world without getting attached to it. All they need is to follow the principles mentioned. For instance- The people who follow Mohammedan religion read Kuran and other religious books. Did they stop focusing on their work? No, but they are really inclined towards their religion and follow each practice mentioned in their scriptures. Every scripture has it's own importance and reason to read. One should know the purpose of life because we are temporary, we aren't this body nor this mind. The ultimate source of creation is God's Positive Energy'. So, one should read Bhagavad Gita or religious books to understand the absolute truth of our life.




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