How Covid-19 Country-Wide Lockdown has Changed Us as a Human Being?

Have u ever seen real magic? As we all have seen the magician's doing magic and we enjoy it alot. So how was God's magic? Never thought the person running behind the train and can't wait on the platform for more than two minutes is sitting down-home for more than two months this sounds unbelievable right! but seriously Covid-19 has changed us alot as a person. Some changes were good like people started helping the animals and people on the road by providing the food many changes are seen. We all humans were so busy in our schedule that we forgot our own blood relation and we all were just busy in our own world.


During the lockdown, I was pleasantly surprised to see how little we need to go on reasonably comfortably with our daily lives. Be it cars, household stuff, gadgets, food supplies, and toiletries. Not to mention the array of expensive garments, shoes, and other accessories we are constantly acquiring. And yet, we never stop collecting more and more and more. We do this because we want to show off to the world how up-to-date, fashionable, and wealthy we are.


The important change due to Covid-19 is, it thought me how to be patient and keep working towards things that are not under our control but should try until it goes off. So patience is one of the things. We changed by spending some of our time with parents and family members and the human inside us was seen by helping the people who are in real need.


There are many charity funds and NGOs we can donate to so that they can take care of street children, stranded migrant laborers, and homeless people. So I think everyone who is capable of helping should please help to get out of such a big monster.


We don't even know when that many people are suffering mentally as well as physically due to prolonged coronavirus. We guys don't even know when this bad situation will end. However, we all should believe that if we try to look on the bright side of everything when we are in a bad situation, believe that something is going to happen and good things will happen soon. We all hope that we will soon get back to our old days!






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