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This year Earth Day marked its 50th anniversary on April 22, 2020. Every year it is celebrated on the 22nd day of April month and a number of campaigns and events are held in order to spread awareness about protecting the earth and cherishing its beauty and products that have made our life beyond beautiful. This year COVID-19 hit all around the world so all the events, campaigns, and awareness activities are happening online. This year’s theme is “Climate Action” and therefore awareness campaigns will be happening all across the globe on this theme. From April 22 to 24, artists, activists, global thought leaders, and performers across the globe will join this online mobilization. Activists and frontline communities are also organizing local online events. But, is this all enough? Can mother earth heal its wounds given by us in just a day?



The answer is obviously no! This is because we super minded humans have wounded her so much that one-day effort can never heal her deep cuts and pain. As covid19 has taken a wave all across the world, we can see that mother earth is somewhere healing with the human race locked inside their homes. It is so wonderful to see how animals are moving freely, birds are chirping happily and plants are waving in ecstasy and flowers blooming without any fear of getting plucked. This is when we should see that it’s us who hurt the earth that has given us life.



So in order to mark the golden jubilee of earth day, we should take a pledge to serve this earth every single day in every possible way. The smallest of ways can be feeding stray animals like cows, dogs, and cats. Keeping a bowl of water and food for birds and never hurting any animal or bird. Watering the plants and not plucking flowers or cutting down trees for personal benefits. We should plant at least 1 tree once a month. We should walk and not use any motor vehicle if needed to go to some nearby place.  We should never leave the tap running open when not in use. These are some of the small steps that every person can do and that too without any cost or much pain. These are the simplest of measures we should do and teach others as well.


Mother earth has given all her resources freely to us then why not we treat her well? It’s not a matter of a single day, it requires everyday effort to heal it and protect it because if we don’t, then there is no other planet that can give us this much.




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