Password Guessing Attack

We’ve all been advised over and over again to create unique and difficult to guess the password in order to secure our accounts and finances from theft online but not everyone takes this matter seriously. People's lack of consideration for their own security becomes the reason for them getting in trouble.


No matter how much you think your password is unguessable, somewhere some hacker is sitting comfortably with a tool that will surpass your intelligence and prove you wrong. In most cases, people seem surprised and shocked after becoming a victim to these attack because they have no idea how extremely clever these hackers are (certainly clever than these people) and how advanced technology and tools they sometimes use.


It is important to have knowledge of this kind of attack if you want to stay safe.

• The most used password guessing attack type is Brute Force Attack. This is a simple process and our umbrella term 'Password Guessing Attack’ is named after it. In this attack, a hacker tries to guess every password. The more complex your password is, the more difficult and time-consuming process it becomes for them. Another effective way to carry out this attack is an exhaustive key search


• People’s lack of showing interest in their security gives rise to the Dictionary Attacks. These attacks are a way of guessing passwords like Brute force attack but instead of trying every possible password, hackers decide to try only the ones most likely to succeed. This method has a good success rate in cases where passwords are short. If a brute force attack is carried out by seer pure will power, a dictionary attack uses brainpower and intellectual techniques.


• Phishing is also a type of password guessing attack where an email leads the user to an illegitimate website asking them to log in to it. Once the user, logs in, they are on the hacker's mercy.


• Keylogger is another way of robbing you of your passwords by hacking your Computer and keeping a track of every key you press on your keyboard.


• In some rare cases, there are methods that may seem idiotic and simple and baffle an average person but some people are ignorant enough to be victimized by them too. One of these methods is simply calling and tricking people into giving their login credentials and other sensitive information. It is surprising to see how many users have been targeted and duped successfully by this method.

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