Don't believe fake forwards, WhatsApp was down in India last night due to sever down and not beacuse of any change or ban

The popular messaging app WhatsApp, along with Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger suffered a glitch for several hours on Wednesday night. Last night there was a grave mess by WhatsApp messages going rounds that this is because India is banning WhatsApp use between 11.30pm and 6 am but this message is fake. These messages are signed by Google and are said to be fake so don't believe them.

These messages are inaccurate as well as completely fabricated because WhatsApp was down on July 3 due to glitches in Facebook servers. In fact, even during the problem with the service WhatsApp messages were going through only the users were facing a problem for sending media files, such as a photo or an audio clip sent to them. The problem was largely reported from South America and Europe but there were enough users in India as well who suffered the problem to make the issue a local talk on Twitter.

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