7 Things You Should Not Do In The Morning


We all have some habits which should be avoided. The followings are the stuff that we are doing on a daily basis which should be avoided:

(I) Hitting The Snooze Button: Once the alarm gets ring we should wake up rather hit the snooze button. Just avoid this habit of hitting the snooze button instead just wake up rather make it delay.

(II) Checking Your Phone: Once we wake up we almost spend half of the hour by checking our phone which again makes no sense. As a whole day cell phone will going to be with us.  Once you wake up then do not waste any of the time. Just start your work rather wasting your time by checking your phone. For this work, you have a wholesome day so no need to waste morning time for checking your phone.

(III) Remaining Curled Up: Many of the people get to wake up late and then start to get ready in which they have forgotten to stretch their body. Our muscles get stick in the night that we have to stretch. By stretching you will feel comfortable and you will feel energized. So at least give 5-10 minutes to your body as by that you will feel fresh throughout the day.

(IV) Forgetting To Hydrate: Water is an essential ingredient for our body. Once you wake up then you have to hydrate your body. But many of the people have a habit of not drinking water even after waking up which is not good for our body. You have to make your body hydrated and for that, once you wake up then make yourself hydrated.

(V) Drinking Coffee: Coffee should not be part of your morning. Drink warm lemon water and avoid coffee in the morning time. Most people have a habit to start their morning by drinking coffee. Such a habit is not good for your body.  So start your day with warm lemon water and you will find a surprising result in your body.

(VI) Skipping Morning Exercises: Most of the people not doing any exercises and start their routine work. Exercise is very much important for our body. By exercising you are going to feel energetic and with this your whole day will going to be fantastic. So never skip exercise because this is for your body.

(VII) Steaming Up Your Shower: Most of us take a shower in steamy water which should be avoided as by this you are going to feel sleepy and lethargic. So better take a shower of cold water which gives you lots of energy.

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