DeepFake Technology And Why It Is Dangerous For Mankind?

DeepFake Technology And Why It Is Dangerous For Mankind

We can all agree that technology is getting advanced every day. Our lives are becoming easier day by day. For example the invention of the mobile phone. It feels we have the whole world in our hands. We can reach out to anyone at any time around the globe. We have so many inventions without which life would be difficult to imagine. Innovators and scientists are the ones to be credited for this. In the future, we aspire to achieve a lot of things that people in the past couldn't even imagine. 

With this ever-growing technology, there is also a rise in serious misuse of technology. With the technology we have, we can message almost anyone who is on social media platforms. People can blackmail others, leak their private images or photos, leak data like credit card information, or can give threats to someone easily by hiding their true face. This is a very dangerous thing. In the world which we live in, people can hide their true faces over the internet and post anything. 

DeepFake is a name given to the technology of faking something. The word "Deep" comes from the term "Deep Learning" which is a branch in computer science. So what exactly is DeepFake? DeepFake means to use computer intelligence in order to replace someone's face with someone else's in a photo or video. You must have seen many memes and Instagram filters related to this. In which you can put your face over a celebrity's video or something like that. It might seem fun and harmless but it is actually the opposite. If you go into the depth, you will realize that there is a lot more to this. 

There can be many misuses of this technology. People can frame innocent people for murders, rape, and other crimes. Imagine this. A girl gets broken up by her boyfriend. To seek revenge, the girl can ask some man to film her being harassed by the man. And then using the DeepFake technology, the face of the man can be replaced with the ex-boyfriend. And then they have solid proof that he is guilty. Also, because of the DeepFake technology, solid video and photo evidence will also be rendered useless since it is difficult to differentiate between original and edited media. There should be control over these things. The technology should not be made accessible to each and every one. Even though it is a great technology, it has its own disadvantages.




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