*Health And Fitness Tips* If every human beings wants to live better life without any major diecease then they have to maintain her health by doing fitness like gym, yoga etc. Many type of fitness workout to do every day.


1) *Power Yoga*- it helps to improve flexibility, strength, stamina, weight loss, better blood circulations.

2) *Areobics*- it helps to tone the body , weight loss, better cardio vascular system.

3) *Pilates*- This workout is a core workout based on human abdominal nd also reduce belly fat. *Zumba* - Zumba is also cardio activity, weight loss, glowing skin, entertainment, enjoying activity.

*CrossFit*- Its a muscles workout helps to build your muscles strength, help to body tone nd shape.


*Kick Boxing*- it's helps to strengthen the bones. Also every day minimum 30mnts walk is necessary with sports shoes only without sport shoes it's affect on our knee cartilage.

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