Apple seems to be facing a hard time

One of the common points of annoyance about Apple’s hardware is said to be the lack of USB-C on the iPhone. It’s kind of weird to see how the same device could be connected to the iPad and Pro, but iPhone has to use these storage dongles that have lightning connectors built into them. The lightning cable also suggests that one needs to carry at least two charging cables i.e. USB-C and lightning.


Even the Apple Watch needs its own wireless charger, in a World where the same connectors are made to be used for multi-purposes; Apple seems to have different connectors for different devices, which in a way is annoying. It’s also said that despite whatever Apple says on the stage, the MacBook Pro is going to struggle in comparison to its Windows 10 counterparts. For there are laptops with better styling and designs, better suited to gaming, multimedia creation as well as far more portable than the MacBooks.


It’s reported that the new MacBook Pro is falling short not just of the Apple’s previous large screened MacBook, but also of the top line large screened laptops where the going rate on the diagonal is said to be seventeen inches.  Apple’s ecosystem if seen in the light of today’s fast-paced lifestyle seems to be lacking behind. It is surprising to know that a company that stands for efficiency is these days seen to be lacking behind for the same thing for which it was mostly known for; it seems to lack its initial efficiency which it always promised and delivered.

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