Poor dental hygiene can lead to serious health problems


Dental Hygiene Measures

Teeth are from major parts of our body. Often people ignore oral health and in the long run, it can lead to serious diseases, many times people face serious diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and breathing problems due to toothlessness. Your mouth is found to contain the most harmful bacteria for health. Some of these bacteria enter your digestive system and respiratory system through the mouth. If ignored, it may increase the risk of many diseases. In order to cure oral hygiene-related diseases, it is important for you to know how dental hygiene and these diseases are interlinked. Let’s know some of the diseases and ways to prevent it.


Heart disease The highest number of deaths in the world is due to heart disease. The National Centre for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) believes that more than 29% of deaths worldwide are caused by heart disease. Nowadays, most people are experiencing a number of heart disease problems such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, arterial disease, and stroke. An article on Odontology states that 90% of cardiovascular diseases can be aggravated due to dental hygiene. Implanting teeth can be beneficial for people suffering from tooth decay, tooth rupture or other dental problems to prevent heart disease. At the same time, you should also pay attention to oral hygiene. Diabetes Experts say more than 300 million people worldwide will be diagnosed with diabetes by 2025.


Oral hygiene can be taken care of, so people can avoid diabetes, even if they are genetic. Research by the Mayo Clinic has shown that people with gum disease struggle more than ordinary people to control blood sugar levels. You can’t change the genes by keeping your teeth healthy, but it can reduce the risk of diabetes. Cancer Almost every family is suffering from cancer due to lack of attention to the hygiene of the teeth every day. Researchers from the American Academy of Periodlogy believe that people suffering from gum disease are 49% more likely to develop kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer slated to 54% and blood cancer 30% more likely to develop. You should brush daily to avoid these diseases and also pay special attention to mouth cleaning. The suggested by your dentist can also improve oral hygiene, such as fluoride treatment, antibiotics, filling, crown, sealant, and root canal digging, etc. to help you heal your oral health.


Respiratory diseases Bacteria can easily reach the respiratory system from your mouth, and bacteria found in the mouth can promote serious respiratory diseases. The American Academy of Periodlogy believes that bacteria found in the mouth contribute to the increase of pneumonia, and people affected by it often see such severe symptoms. You should pay more attention to the health of the mouth to avoid respiratory disorders. Also, take special care of the inner hygiene of the mouth after eating.

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