Every Single Person Can Celebrate Valentine's Day


Every lover's couple in the world waits for just one month in 12 months. The name of that month is February. February is the most special day of the month because of Valentine's Day. On this day, the lover thinks of expressing love to his girlfriend. The general perception of Valentine's Day has become that this festival is for the beloved lover, but it is not so. You must have read a couplet in childhood. In which Sant Kabir said "pothee padhi padhi jag mua, pandit bhaya na koy, dhaee aakhar prem ka, padhe so pandit hoy". The essence of this couplet is that there is no one who can become pundit (Knowledgeful) by doing pooja and reading the Veda-Purana, the real knower is one who loves the whole world. Therefore, you can celebrate Valentine's Day with your parents and friends whom you really love. Why celebrate Valentine's Day?


It is believed that a king named Claudius Gothicus II reigned during the Roman Empire in 270 AD. This was the king who hated words like love and marriage and he was strongly against them. According to the king, warriors who love and marry cannot stay in the war for long. The warriors who fall in love forget their goals and go in the wrong way. According to the king, soldiers are more powerful without marriage and in view of this, the king gave a very cruel order. According to this order, no Roman soldier will be able to marry nor love. He prohibited the marriage of Roman soldiers. When the king imposed this prohibition, Saint Valentin opposed it. Saint Valentin opposed the king's order and went against him and inspired soldiers and subjects to love him. At the same time, he also conducted a secret wedding of the soldiers, but this soon became known to the king after which the king called Saint Valentin to the court and asked the saint to renounce Christianity and adopt the Roman religion. Saint Valentine did not want this and he refused and advised the king to change his religion. After hearing this, the king got very angry and ordered Valentin to be killed.




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