Is silence indicate war?

Did you notice when a child want something he firstly make too much noise to grab attention. At last when he understands that parents are not going to do what he want then keep silent and stop reacting. Do you agree that silence between persons indicates the war which is going in them?

There are situation where you cannot choose to fight. Like I live in hostel so cannot afford to fight with my roommates. If you are living in sea then cannot fight with fishes. I many time experienced the cold war.

 In history you must have learnt about the cold war period. If you remember that situation was like that the specific country were not fighting in practical but the situation is worse than that. If anyone is silent then you cannot help to ask them that is he or she is ok?

Silence helps one to suppress one’s anger, as perhaps nothing else does. If you are not able to express then keeping it suppressed by silence is the only way. If someone is close to you then it is saying that he or she can understand your silence. For example my brother cannot get to know whether I am happy or sad. If I keep silent for more than 30 minutes then he comes to me ask what happened sis?

Many of my friends are just like me only. They cannot shut their mouth. But breakup is the thing which does this miracle. I remember when Radhika was silent for the whole day in college. Our whole gang was astonished after seeing this and we end up on conclusion that she lost her voice. But it wasn’t like that, she was broke up with her boyfriend.

To be silent is not the weakness, it is the work of strength. Fighting is easy but keeping patience is hard thing to do.

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