The stylish cricketer on and off the field is such an adorable and well-appreciated cricketer. In fact, he is among the world’s few most adored cricketers ever. Recently he has been seen signing a few limited edition handcrafts as the global ambassador of Mont Blanc, which is a maker of luxury writing instruments, watches and more. And being its global ambassador, he is efficiently doing his bit of charity in India.

There is an auction going to be held, that would showcase limited edition trolleys from Mont Blanc, and whose proceedings would be helping Tamahar foundation, which is a Bangalore based organisation that works for children with special needs.

There are only 14 intricate handcrafted pieces with impressions about the greatness’s of India like the Taj Mahal,  the food, the cricket bats etc.

These figures are intricately hand painted and are going to be available in the auction that would, in turn, be helping the foundation. Each of the pieces is also signed by the adored cricketer. The auction of these pieces is going to be held online at the end of May.

During the launch of the range of these marvellous limited edition pieces, De Villiers said,” Isn't that always the purpose of life, to do things for others? I am lucky to be associated with them. The trolleys say 'AB loves India' and I really do. The first time I travelled here was in 2001, with the Under-19 side, and sort of simply fell in love with the place. It was a huge cultural shock, yes, but over the last 18 years that I have been coming here, I am in love with this place,”

He added, “That's been kind of my trademark throughout my career. I have been very picky about whom I get involved with and this brand is a million times bigger than what I can ever be. Growing up, I always saw this little logo of the summit and it came as a blessing, coming at a stage when I had played quite a bit and it just fitted exceptionally well,”

De Villiers has been a part of this brand for three years and admits of him like to be in partnership with the same for a longer tenure. Another crucial reason for his deep involvement is his respect for the actor Hugh Jackman who has been another brand ambassador.

When asked upon this he said,” I haven't met him yet; hopefully will one day, but sort of being associated with him as well as a huge honour.”

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