How to Secure Your Email Address

How to secure your Email address:

The technology has advanced since the first computer was made and the more accessible it becomes the more unsecure it gets. There was a time when 5 GB Ram would have to be shipped in a commercial ship because it was used to be that large and now we carry 32 GB and more Ram in our pockets. Technology has come a long way and in this effort to bring the world closer we’ve threatened our own personal space and the security of our personal information that we need to keep personal. But our virtual world and identity are as important as your real-life identity and the real world, having an email address is a gateway to this virtual world.

Facebook connects you with your friends and family, Twitter gives you a platform to speak up on important issues, Snapchat gives you a personal space which only the people close to you can share and YouTube is both a warehouse of the forgotten memories and medium through which many people have presented their talent with the world. These and many more apps and websites have one thing in common; they all ask for your email address before you can start using them. Not only is it important to have an email address, but it is also important to learn how to keep it safe and secure and you need to take the necessary precautions. In this article, I’ll tell you of ways of securing your email address and prevent the breach of security and privacy and possibly theft. 

1. A strong password – A strong password with an email address that cannot be easily memorized goes great together. To create a strong password you will have to use your brain and one simple trick. Your password should be between 8-12 characters and you should never use your name as your password unless you want it to get hacked because. Keeping your name as a password is similar to just leaving the key of the main lock in the front of the door, anyone can use it. Use everything you can in your password; capital letters, lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols. With a strong password and a long and complicated email address, you can be assured you are putting a great effort in keeping safe your personal data, so put a little bit more effort in choosing your email address too.

2. Antivirus – Antivirus is a must no matter what you use; a computer or a laptop. Antivirus protects your PC from all the viruses wanting to steal your personal data and passwords. Make sure you do your research before buying antivirus and buy the one that suits your PC and personal needs. Free antiviruses are useless and cannot be trusted to keep your PC virus free. It’s like a person who tells you lies in order not to break your heart. Their intentions are right but they are bad for you.

3. Back up your emails – Backing up your emails is a sensible way to keep your important data safe. A lot of unnecessary emails don’t go right through the spam folder and you need to filter your mailbox from time to time in order to not let it become a complete mess. No need to back up those emails that tell you you’ve won 10,000 in a lottery, just keep the important ones. Like the ones with the information about your exam/s or an important office meeting.

4. Security questions – When you sign up, you get asked security questions. These security question can be of your choice or given by the system. However, you need to give answers that can be given to log in into your account later in case you ever forget your password in the future. Make sure you set only those security questions whose answers you can remember for a long time. The questions can be about some personal experience or thing that you’ll always remember and others have no idea. It can be your favorite movie or the name of your pet. You can also choose the funny joke you made which is too funny to forget or a memory that will never fade.

5. Encrypt you mails – The mails that are personal and important to you can be encrypted so only the sender and the receiver can read it. Some things are personal and cannot be trusted to a machine or the people you’ve never met. Some people use email to share even love letters or just keep touch with the people they are close to. These people are few but safekeeping of their personal emails is a must and encrypting the mails is the best option for that. And unless you’re a top spy of the enemy of the government, trying to carry off a terrorist attack in a metropolitan city, your encrypted emails will be safe.

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