The dexterity with presentation

Presentation skills are the abilities that one needs to deliver compelling, engaging, informative, transformative, educational, enlightening, and instructive presentations. Central to effective presentation skills are public speaking, tone of voice, body language, creativity, and delivery. This article discusses the techniques of presentation skills. 

Why presentation skills are required? 

Communication seems to be better 
It includes all areas and aspects of a topic
Less stress is seen 
Time management is improved
One can provide the fullest of what the people require 
The key message is focussed 
Visually, messages and information are conveyed
The impact can be guessed very easily 
Creative and interesting slides are put to illustrate the talk 
It can develop people's confidence
Professional skills are improved
Speaking skills are also enhanced
One can present useful information 
People learn something without any notes 
Presentation is a visual aid 
Full consideration and the interest of the audience are captured
The presenter's objectives are achieved.

Techniques to deliver a good presentation are as follows: 

Understand your audience 
Tell a little story about you 
Create a call to action 
Use story-telling in between 
Rehearse yourself 
Watch out and take care of your body language 
Control your voice 


The audience’s needs and concerns should completely drive a presentation. Success lies in knowing these and finding the overlap between their needs and your activities. 

Remember that you’re communicating with people who want to make sure that they let the right person in the front door. Impress them and engage with them by tailoring your storyline and the stories you tell to them and what they care about. 

Also, crack jokes in between. 


An effective presentation starts with thinking about the overall structure and creating a storyline to guide the audience towards your goal.

Tie all that together to create a consistent storyline that connects the dots between your past and future.


We end presentations always with a call to action (CTA). It’s what we want our audience to think, feel, or do after the last PowerPoint slide. Your CTA boils down to “Hire me!” but you must explain why and tie it back to your storyline.

Always finish the presentation with some kind of good impression like the audience in front of you are tempted to raise questions and doubts, and at least 2-3 people come to you in person and appreciate your elegance. 


We naturally respond to stories. We feel more empathy and trust for the storyteller and remember stories better than words or images. We show more authenticity when people tell personal stories, which makes the topic more believable and trustworthy.

Impactful presenters always tell stories to keep their audience engaged. 

This is one of the awe-struck techniques. 


Effective presentations have been well rehearsed. Get a friend or colleague for asking you common questions and ones that you’re likely to be asked based on your audience.

Practice what you’ll say so you make any mistakes when you rehearse. 

Practice introducing yourself, storytelling, and delivering your CTA. All of that will reduce any nervousness, make you look confident and prepared, and so get you ready for the big day.


When you are presenting, strong and positive body language becomes an essential tool in helping you build credibility, express your emotions, and connect with your listeners.

It also helps your listeners focus more intently on you and what you're saying. 


Presenters and public speakers need to have clear, strong, confident voices, and so do you when facing your interviewers.

Drink water before the interview because your voice may dry out from speaking or from nerves. Your interviewers don’t want to hear you croaking your way through the interview.

Watch your speaking speed. 


By doing more presentations, and by then getting better at presentation skills, you can approach anything with more confidence and an extra edge.


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