Many Types Of Benefits Of Eating Onion

The scientific name of the onion is Allium cepa. Onion is one of the vegetables that is mostly cultivated in the Allium region. It is known by many names in India - Paijor Kanda or Dungri in Hindi, Ullipayalu / Yera Gaddalu in Telugu, Vaigayam in Tamil, Savannah in Malayalam, Uligadde / Eruli / Neeruli in Kannada, Payaj / Piyaz in Bengali, Dundari Kanda in Gujarati And is called Kanda in Marathi. The onion plant has blue-green leaves. Onions contain many antioxidant compounds that are very effective in neutralizing the free radicals present in the human body. Onions have been used for many centuries by humans for medicinal purposes. Onions have been one of the staple diets of humans for over 7,000 years.


Onion is one of the globally developed and cultivated plants. During history, onions were used in worship in some cultures such as Egypt. Onions have been known for curative benefits since ancient times. Even the World Health Organization has confirmed that onion is beneficial for people with low appetite and suffering from atherosclerosis. Health experts accept the fact that onions are a very good treatment for patients with chronic asthma, allergic bronchitis, coughs related to the common cold, and phlegm syndrome. Onion has many valuable medicinal properties as it contains many nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and organic compounds. It contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, selenium, and phosphorus, as well as being a good source of vitamin C, vitamin B6, and fiber. Benefits of onion - Onion is one of such adaptive plants which is a great source of maximum essential nutrients for the needs of our body.


So let's know about the most valuable and well-known health benefits of onion:-

* Onion benefits for hairUse onion juice on hair or scalp to get rid of lice and hair fall. This is the most prominent benefit of onion for hair. Apply onion juice to the hair and massage it with fingers - then wash your hair thoroughly in a short while - this will reduce your hair fall. In addition, it will also remove dandruff and the natural color of hair will remain It also acts as a natural conditioner. Applying onion juice to the hair makes the hair thick. It also helps to lengthen your hair quickly. In one study, participants washed their hair for several days with onion juice and in this study, it was observed that their hair was denser and quicker than other people's.


* Onion uses cough to remove cough- Mix equal amount of onion juice and honey. Consumption of this mixture can relieve the symptoms of sore throat and cough.


* Increase the benefits of eating onion sex drive - Onion is known to increase the desire for healthy sex life. Take one tablespoon of onion juice three times a day along with one teaspoon ginger juice. It can increase libido and sex drive. Onion is one of the medicinal drugs used for impotence in western Uganda. Onion is considered beneficial for men. Taking onion juice with honey can also help increase fertility in men.


* Onion consumption is the treatment of anemia - Onions good for anemia Iron deficiency causes an anemia-like illness that can sometimes take a fatal form. Onion can be very helpful in treating anemia as about 0.2 grams of iron and folate are found in 100 grams of onion. Folate is a phytochemical that helps to absorb iron to its full potential. Eating onion with jaggery and water for treating anemia is very beneficial. Because it helps in the production of red blood cells by increasing the mineral-like iron in the body. Hence, symptoms of anemia can be prevented by consuming the appropriate amount of onions in your diet.




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