Woman in Goa shows her courage


The accused, a 49-year-old man, was riding his bike while speaking on the phone when he allegedly almost rammed into the artist. Upon asking him to get off his bike, she was met with abuse. So she ignored him and drove away. A 26-year-old sculptor, artist and drag queen was attacked in Goa on 31 May while on her way to a petrol pump on her bike. The man is out on bail. She has started a social media campaign with the hashtag #StandUpForYourself to get justice.



However, she alleges that even after she had moved away, the man continued to stalk her. Her social media profile says," I did not want to engage so I drove away. He stalked me and cornered my bike and stopped his bike in front of mine such that I had to stop. He proceeded to remove my bike keys and threw them away and then started to hit my bike and intimidate me. I was not scared, I looked straight into his eyes without fear. He then proceeded to grab my crotch and threw my phone and said, 'What will you do now?'. That is when I had had it. I couldn't let someone molest me, I gave him a tight slap and what happened after that you saw in the video". 

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