Google Map with new feature, alert's you about breaking of traffic rules

Google has rolled out with new feature of showing at which speed you are driving your vehicle.This feature is only available for Android phones named as Speedometer, this feature is found in the Navigation Settings under the "Driving option" of Google Maps and need to be turned on manually.The feature is for alerting the driver if one breaks the traffic rule. Google is now rolling out this useful feature in 40 countries inclusively India.


As the speed cameras has been deployed in several cities in India,this new feature may help you to save from the grave fine and traffic cops. This feature warns the driver about the speed limit. When this feature is turned on, the driving speed is shown on the bottom of the Google Maps and will let you know if you're driving too fast or too slow. The indicator will change colour to RED if you drive above the speed limit,thus  alerting you that you are breaking the traffic rule. It also depends on your internet speeds,if you don't have a good netpack then the message may be delayed. Many users are complaining that this feature is not available on our phone, google says it may takes some time to get available for all users.

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