What is the right way to sleep


1. Set up your own “sleep vibes”: I consider this is one of the most crucial things you should do. Save an area just for sleep. It can be your bedroom or your bed but that area is only for sleep, no working allowed there. Put on sleepwear when it’s time. Try to go to bed in the same period of time every day. It can be 10, 11 or 12, depends on your own schedule.It can be 15 mins - 30 mins sooner or later, up to the day but it should be around a certain time. Light off. Phone off. Computer off. Gradually, you body would get the idea: “Ah, so every time you go to that area, wear that kind of dress, at that certain time, it means that you want to sleep”. So your body and mind will be automatically trained to rest at that vibes to sleep.


2. Focus on your sleep:  When it’s time, just try to forget everything else because no matter how stressful you are that day, if you try to bring those issues into your sleep, you still cannot solve the problems but make them worse.You are stressful -> Think too much at night -> Cannot sleep -> Tired the next day -> Not sober to find the solution -> Stressful again -> Think too much -> Cannot sleep.That is how the circle works when you feel like you are unable to sleep because of stress. It is easier said than done but you can always create a habit for your healthy life.


3. No food before sleep:  It is best if you do not eat anything 3 hours before your bedtime or at least 2 hours in advance. No alcohol at least 3 hours before going to bed. No coffee and tea (for sensitive people like me) after 3 pm. When to eat and what to eat at night time play a very important for your sleep at night. It is absolutely super difficult to build this habit but the outcome is worth the effort.


4. Work - out: You can do any kind of work-out: running, walking, yoga, gym, dance,… as long as your body makes some moves. If you are still doubtful, you can try to exercise for 1 month and see how your sleep quality change And if you do this pose for around 3 - 5 mins right before sleep, it really helps  Wish you can fall asleep faster and get better sleep!

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