Unleashing The Secrets To Master An Art Of Selling: Part II


Knowing and acknowledging that selling is an art and not just a process, are two absolutely different things. It is important to know your buyer before you proceed to sell. Let's explore a few prevailing buyer-type categories to master an art of selling:-


The Analytical Buyer Category:- People who lack responsiveness and assertiveness are known as Analytical buyers. Such buyers tend to distrust salespeople because they lack meticulousness. Analytical buyers prefer analyzing and comparing things. They prefer to take their own sweet time and avoid making quick decisions. Such buyers are fact-oriented and are more inclined towards subjectivity rather than objectivity. They keep risk-taking at bay and are detail-oriented. They perceive salespeople as an intimidating entity because dealing with them, put them under undue pressure. They often resort to a common tactic to avoid salespeople by stop responding to the emails or phone calls of salespeople. 



The Amiable Buyer Category: - The amiable buyer comes across as a highly responsive individual. They can be perceived as friendly individuals. Since they lack assertiveness, it is easier to schedule meetings and appointments with them. They prefer to share information, especially on the competition front. It is easy to deal with this category of buyers and convert a prospective buyer into an actual buyer, provided if a salesperson is equipped with good interpersonal skills and product knowledge.


The Expressive Buyer Category: - The expressive buyer is extremely responsive and extremely assertive. They are impulse buyers who love to pay money for concepts and will make quick decisions. They are not much detail-oriented. They are generally not good listeners. They come across as confident. All you need to take care while dealing with such buyers is, obtaining a commitment from them, either for scheduling meeting or assurance to buy a product.


The Driver Buyer Category: - The Driver buyer category is not very responsive but is highly assertive. They come across as Tough entities that possess an uncompromising attitude. They tend to express aggressiveness if they are not offered what they want. They may appear unfriendly during the initial stage. They are not interested in building rapport. Driver buyer category prefers to dominate over salespersons.


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