Why Should History Be Taught And Studied?


History is an important subject and discipline of study. It teaches us so many things and enlightens us. It makes us wiser, nobler, braver, and sagacious. It helps us to seek our roots in the past and prepare for the future. And the people who refuse to learn from the past are destined to suffer and lose. The study of history teaches us how to avoid mistakes and errors and exploit our strengths. It also helps us in becoming more adaptable, dynamic, practical, and result-oriented in the light of past events, happenings, and historical developments. It is really thrilling to know with the help of history how our forefathers lived and worked and how much we have progressed since their time.


All our space researches and travels are a great attempt to rediscover ourselves, our creation, and the history of the universe. Man likes and loves to unravel the mysteries of the sense. It is foolish to confine history to the recorded facts, figures, and statements. They are important and interesting but to know about the unknown past is more significant and interesting. For example, India's recorded history begins from the times of Buddha. But India's history gets far back to Vedic and Indus valley periods. The epics and Puranas are also veiled in history. They tell us so many things about the social, cultural, political, and family life of those times.


History is a serious subject and should be taught and learned with all the seriousness it deserves. The American founder of Ford Motor Company made a sweeping statement when he said, "History is more or less bunk", his statement was not based on facts. It was wrong and erroneous. History is neither facts nor figures. The prejudice against history is because of our failure to understand the subject in its proper perspective. It is not a mere collection of the records of wars, battles, and treaties of the past. It is much more than that for example, Ashoka is regarded as great not because of his victory of Kalinga. But because of his great humanitarian achievements and acts of public welfare.


Akbar is remembered today not because of his wealth and splendor but because of his message of religious tolerance and secularism. Carlyte called history the biography of the great men. But he has not told the whole truth about the great men but besides this, it is also the history of triumphs, travails, and progress of human civilization. Great men are there because there are common men and the public. History is also the record of the march of human culture, religion, arts, literature, and not view history through the narrow spectacles of our likes and dislikes. What is Ganga, but a liquid and flowing history of India? Himalaya is not simply a mountain. It is a great historical and geographical monument of the country. 



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