Time Management- A key to a better life


Time management is not a science and does not consist of a list of fixed rules to be applied in order to manage your time well. Each person is different and therefore time management needs to be approached under different approach for each person. But there are some basic rules that give a good foundation for progress in time management.

These rules are Set specific goals Plan Hold a to-do-list Prioritize tasks according to their importance and urgency Divide big tasks into smaller sets These basic principles can be refined with time and experience or according to the specific needs of every individual. Unfortunately, time management invokes more knowledge than these basic rules outlined above. Abilities such as decision making, critical judgment, and emotional intelligence are essential to a person's development. Every knowledge you get during your life and training counts and must be taken into account and applied in your time management.

The goal of good time management is to have a balanced lifestyle. Unfortunately, a balanced lifestyle resulting from good time management is something that many do not manage to achieve. The goal of time management is to achieve these goals in a timely manner and not to remain busy.

Good time management should improve the below five aspects of our life that are: Physical appearance which implies, a healthy body, less stress and fatigue Intellectual aspect involves, learning and developing these mental abilities Social aspect implies, developing social relations Career aspect implies, studies and work Emotional aspect involves, emotions and how to make them known.

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