National Cheese day

Having a large pizza with extra cheese, a thick crust wrap dipped in cheese, chicken wings with cheese dips, hot fried wraps with overdose of cheese and God knows what all recipes we love with cheese. The love of cheese is well known throughout the globe from Antarctica to Australia. This love is everlasting and has a strong bond related to mood, stomach, hunger, and happiness. 


June 4th is the day for celebrating this bond and love with the title of National Cheese Day. The history of cheese or the beginning of this magic is hard to trace but yet everyone knows that this is not just an eatable, it’s full of emotions. This day was initiated by people who have felt it and is celebrated by all because in today’s time, this feeling is welcomed every night to most of the houses, especially on weekends. 


There are many different types of cheese available as well as many different ways in which it is used in a dish. It could be either used on a sandwich or as a pizza topping or as a soft inside of a crunchy crust. Cheese is not only an ingredient but rather a complete different section that could have it’s own separate sub sections. So, this year enjoy your day with your favorite Cheese dish. Try cheesecakes, soufflés, chevre, veggie wraps, cheeseballs, cheese burger, pizza etc. There are many ways to explore and to have this feel. We hope you enjoy this product with emotions and add values to the pressed curds of milk collected from cows and buffalos, in your own way. 


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