The Ultimate Objection Handling Models: Part II

Objection Handling is no cakewalk. It requires guts to meet with the varied kinds of objections. A salesperson should be proactive when it comes to handling objections. For a salesperson, knowledge related to the diverse kinds of objection handling techniques truly proves to be extremely effective. There are many more techniques in addition to APAC model. Let’s explore them:-


I.    Boomberg Objection Handling Technique:-

In this technique, a salesperson makes brilliant use of an objection presented by a customer to weaken his point.


Buyer: This phone is way too thin.

Salesperson: It is indeed because that’s what the majority of customers prefer these days. Companies are working on developing thinner and thinner prototypes of Smartphones.


II.    Can You Clarify? Objection handling technique

Learn about the more information provided by the customer before answering


Buyer: “I would never procure this product as I do not think it is going to last for a long time.”

Salesperson: “I’m keen to know what makes you believe so. Would you mind if I ask for a detailed explanation?


III.    Certain Closure objection handling technique

Propose to resolve buyer’s objection if there lies a serious intention to make a purchase.


“If I give you this book, with an autograph of author, do we have a deal?”


IV.    Deflection Objection Handling Technique:-

Shun the objection but make sure you are polite while doing this.


“That’s quite an interesting point. At this moment, let me brief you about this model’s diverse color variants.”


V.    Disagree objection handling technique

Disagree with the buyer in a Politely yet assertively manner,  and make sure you are equipped with sufficient points to back you up.


Buyer:-“My newly purchased sturdy car does not need anything like this”

Salesperson: In fact, a newly purchased car is the one that requires insurance as customers do not like to invest in insurance on their old cars.”

To sum up, once you have mastered practising varied styles of objection handling techniques, you will become a pro in selling. 


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